ID Theft

ID TheftIn this day and age, the one thing people may want to do is protect their identity with extreme measures. Identity theft is rising each year, including the ways your identity can be stolen. There are six different forms of identity theft that affects not just adults, but children as well. Thankfully, there are numerous laws and agencies that protect your identity, whether it’s virtual or actuality.


What are the laws that protect your identity?


The Identity Theft and Deterrence Act says that, federally, the possession of any form of identification, either than your own, with intentions to pass along, sell, or use without lawful authority can result into a prison sentence that can reach up to 30 years along with hefty fines. If caught by state or local law enforcement, you deal with the penalties and fines that they have in place.


How can people steal your identity?


There’s many ways to steal a person’s identity. In an era where social media is the center of almost everything known to man, it’s as easy as taking a picture that you may have placed on the Internet being taken and used for other intentions without your knowledge. Not properly destroying confidential information before discarding it. Call center agents taking your information and distributing it against company policies. Lost cellphones or any other sort of technology that your personal information may have been logged into. There’s hundreds of ways now for a person to steal an identity, which is why taking the right precautions to protect it.


Ways to protect yourself


Do not release personal information over the phone, fax, or social media outlets. Choose passwords that seem unbreakable and memorable, possibly even having a different password for each of outlet that you use.  Use only secure websites when using them for financial purposes. Monitor the things you place on the web, including pictures and mere information—phone numbers and email addresses.


Identity theft reaches newer heights each year, see more info about the gas plant explosion in texas. Now becoming one of the biggest well-known international crimes. Children and, even, dead people are among the many that have been exploited by identity thieves. Be careful with who handles your personal information, including yourself. Use the identity protection services that are available when offered. It may sound expensive then, but it helps to protect you from an even greater loss in the long run.