Tan Today, Gone Tomorrow


In the beginning of 2014, a new era began in the world of tanning & Winnipeg IT consulting. Five different states have banned the use of tanning beds for all minors under the age of eighteen because too many were doing it far too often and ended up looking like an old, leather rifle sling or Levy’s guitar bag, while another thirty-three states have regulated numerous rules on such usage. In some places you need a doctor’s note to tan, or in others you need a parent present. Different cities and states all have their own set of laws on the matter, each differentiating from the other.


The somewhat pioneers of the ban being Howard County of Maryland in 2009, due to the astonishing rise of skin cancer in women from ages 18 to 34—up fifty percent from 1984, among other reasons. Studied and proposed by the county’s health officer, Dr. Peter L. Beilenson.


Why have these bans been put in place?


Fairly simple, research has shown that overexposure of ultraviolet violet light during childhood and adolescence increases the chances of cancer later on in life. Last year, there were over 76,000 new cases of melanoma in the U.S alone and over 9,000 deaths because of the disease. Studies showing that tanning at such an early stage in life may play a possible pivotal role in the rise of the disease. To help decrease those numbers, health officials and lawmakers had decided to put in place a law that increases the chances of a longer, healthier lifestyle.


When did tanning get so popular?


Tanning has been around for generations, taking over the assumption in the earlier 1900’s that pale skin meant wealth. Just recently more and more people have begun frequenting tanning salons to get that quicker radiant glow, including the youth. Cutting out the laying in the sun for possibly hours to get the same tan they can have in mere minutes. Not realizing the horribly possible outcome.


How have these bans affected businesses?


FlowerBusinesses that don’t use airbrush tanning systems are starting to see the decline in their business, especially during the upcoming prom and graduation season. Some still feel that an appeal can change the way lawmakers view tanning. Continuing the argument of tanning producing more Vitamin D, which helps prevent many cancers. Many others have just stopped fighting, moved on, and tried to adjust to the new laws by finding other ways to better help their business’ somewhat financial blow.