The Greener Side of a Rainbow

same-sex marriageThe LGBT community has had its hardships when it comes to equality and laws, but life lately has started to smooth out. Seventeen states in total now have legalized same-sex marriages and unions. Appeasing millions of same-sex couples around the nation with the notion that change can happen and will continue to happen. But with the legalization of same-sex marriage means a lot of changes to many laws and regulations that were prohibited to them in the past—over one thousand federal laws.



What changes you ask?


Same-sex couples will now have the opportunity to prosper from certain rights, protections and benefits that marital status is a factor in. Benefits such as social security, tax, military, retirement and federal benefits that were not available to them prior will now be available for each spouse.  Another huge change, is in regards to immigration benefits—where a non-U.S citizen can apply for a legal residence and, eventually, citizenship. Also, same-sex couples will have the right to invoke marital privileges in federal criminal or civil cases. Another


How does this affect people?


It doesn’t affect anyone other than those within the LGBT community. This is actually a huge plus for the LGBT community in a time where difference and equality matters most. Of course, numerous religions and political figures believe otherwise but that’s based mostly on opinion not facts.


Are more states going to legalize gay marriage?


Yes, expect another nine states to possibly legalize gay marriage by 2016. Not too many states ever like to be left out of a humungous change especially one as great a topic as same-sex marriage. It’ll take sometime but it will happen. As the old adage goes, “Rome wasn’t built in one day.”


How can you help?


There are numerous LGBT groups and organizations that are in literally every city now in America. You can find one that you feel fits your standards, shares your ideology and possibly delivers the same message that appeases you into the world. Other ways of helping, is creating blogs or groups where people can join up and help create a trend of change and equality within America, and maybe even outside of America. Sounds complicated, and it probably is, but it’s a start. Many will probably oppose your stance and views but as long as you have numbers and your message is sound, you can withstand anything.